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A message from Mrs. True

Dear Parents & Guardians,

In support of our students’ academic growth the AOS has developed Middle School Eligibility Guidelines based on the Habits of Work. Student work completion (Responsibility) and behavior (Respect & Perseverance) are the foundations for these guidelines. Students who would like to participate in extracurricular activities must prove adequate school progress and continued good citizenship. All extracurricular activities are privileges, therefore our academic/behavioral guidelines tie student performance to eligibility and participation in these activities. These Guidelines will begin with the Spring 2019 sports season, with the first check in the week of March 18th. In the fall of 2019, all other sports and extra-curricular activities will be included. Linked here is the Middle School Co- Curricular Eligibility Guidelines and Handbook. Please take the time to review this yourself and with your child(ren).

Unified Classroom is a great resource for checking in to see how your student is progressing. All middle school students have access to Unified Classroom, and your child has a school issued laptop that they can use to walk you through the process to check on their progress. If you have not yet logged on to Unified Classroom, please contact your school’s IT Coordinator (Mrs. Meehan at Tremont), as they can be available to guide you through the login process as well.

In order to participate in a game, practice, or activity the student is expected to be in school on time (8:20a.m.) and must attend school for the full day of the game, practice, or activity (or the day before if school is not in session on the game/practice/activity date), unless they were previously excused by the school administration. There are five excusable reasons for a student absence: (1) personal illness, (2) an appointment with a healthcare professional that MUST be made during the regular school day (documentation may be requested), (3) observance of a recognized religious holiday when the observance is required during the school day, (4) a family emergency, at the discretion of the administration, (5) a planned absence for a personal or educational purpose which has been approved in advance by school administration. If students are absent from school or leaves school for an illness/appointment and does not return, they may not participate in after school co-curricular, extra-curricular, or athletic activities.

We appreciate your support as we work to support our middle school learners. Please contact your child’s athletic director if you have any questions or concerns.

AOS #91 Elementary Principals:

Conners-Emerson - Ms. Neilly and /or Mrs. Webster

Cranberry Isles - Mrs. Fenton

Frenchboro - Mrs. Cohen

Mount Desert Elementary - Mrs. Delsandro

Pemetic - Mrs. Fortin

Swans Island - Mrs. DaGraca

Tremont - Mrs. True

Trenton - Mr. Zboray

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