Thank Yous!

Post date: Mar 7, 2012 3:31:26 PM

A huge thank you to Kathie Pratt, Wanda Whitener and Sherri Christianson who took on the visiting artists week and did such as wonderful job! You can see some of the great photos of our students as they worked with these artists making comics and crowns, and drumming at the assembly. Check out a few photos here!

Another thank you to Mr. Bill Whitener, a visiting artist who has been helping the Tremont Wildcat Jazz Band get ready for the District Festival and will continue to help them do well at the next level!

A final thank you from the PTO to all students, parents and staff who purchased a carnation and helped out. The PTO made their goal selling carnations - Having every student and staff walk out of the school with a smile and a carnation! They hope everyone enjoyed their valentine!