Beginning of the Year Paperwork

Post date: Sep 8, 2011 1:07:26 PM

With the best interest of your child in mind we send home a lot of paperwork at the beginning of every school year. We request that you update information and sign off so we know your wishes. Part of this paperwork is related to our food service program. It is a federal requirement that applications for free and reduced meals are completed and eligibility determined annually. If you are not interested in participating or will not qualify for this program, please sign the uncompleted form and return it for our files. If your employment / income status changes at any time during the school year you may complete another application and the new information will be evaluated in relation to your eligibility status.

Student Breakfast

Full pay: $1.25 daily

Reduced / free: Free

Student Lunch

Full pay: $2.30

Reduced: $.40

Free: Free

Milk (snack or extra at lunch): $.30

Our lunch program is a pay in advance program. We are set up to accept prepay funds and credit them to your account. We are not authorized to have outstanding bills. Paying up front and on time drastically reduces the paperwork on our end and the kitchen is better able to pay their bills on time.