Bikes for Books

Post date: Mar 21, 2014 6:54:09 PM

On Thursday a new reading promotion program was introduced to grades 1-8. The program, Bikes for Books, is being sponsored by Tremont Lodge #77 with collaboration from the Grand Lodge of Masons in Maine. While the program has been nationwide for several years, it has only been sponsored in the southern part of Maine. This year our own lodge has asked to bring the program here. The program promotes reading through a contest where students earn entry forms for the minutes they read. Each teacher has determined how many minutes will be required in their grade to earn an entry form. In May, one boy and one girl from each grade will be drawn from the entries. Those students will win a new bicycle and helmet purchased by the masons. That means a total of 16 bikes will be given to our students. All students who participate will be given other prizes at the end of the contest. Students need to do their part by committing to read the number of minutes required by their teacher in order to get an entry form, but the sheets verifying their minutes need to be signed by a parent. Please be sure to ask your child for their sheets. We are very grateful to the Tremont Lodge for asking us to be part of this exciting program. If you have any questions please drop by or contact Crystal at the school.