Fall Sports - A Word from Principal Metzler

Post date: Sep 29, 2011 1:23:38 PM

Wow! What wonderfully amazing student athletes we have. On Monday I attended the Parker Pruitt Invitational Middle School X-C Meet at Sumner High School in Sullivan. There were 15 schools and over 300 participants. Our girls came in 4th overall out of 12 teams. Our boys team is comprised of one 7th grader and five 5th graders. They made great strides and all completed the course ahead of other runners.

On Tuesday we hosted Conners Emerson in soccer. Our team gave a valiant effort, but the game ended in defeat. It was very impressive to see the perseverance of our players. They were as strong in the final minutes of the game as they were at any other point. This is saying a lot since we have very few substitutes. Keep it up Wildcats!

It was also nice to see younger siblings and friends enjoying the playground and equipment. We would much appreciate it if all playground balls, hula-hoops, jump ropes and such were picked up and placed in the equipment trunks whenever it is time for children to leave the playground. Please lend a hand in picking up so that there will be supplies for students to use during daily recess.