From the Nurse

Post date: Apr 5, 2012 1:08:08 PM

The tick population is expected to be high this year due to the mild winter weather we have experienced. To protect yourself from ticks and Lyme disease:

-Wear light colored clothing (makes spotting ticks easier)

-Tuck pants into socks and shirt into waistband

-Use an approved insect repellant

-When outside walking stay on trails

-Remove leaf litter from yard, and keep grass mowed and well groomed

-Relocate children's play areas away from woodland edge

-Routinely perform tick checks when coming in from the outdoors and after showering

If you find a tick on you gently remove it with tweezers clasped as close to the head of the tick as possible and pull straight back with steady pressure. The skin will tent up and the tick may hold on for a bit, but will eventually let go. Do not twist or jerk on the tick as this may cause the head to dislocate from the body. Save the tick in a bag and bring it to the Doctor's office with you to be tested for Lyme disease. Patients treated with antibiotics in the early stages of the infection usually recover rapidly and completely. Visit the CDC website for more information on ticks and the spread of Lyme disease.