Hawk Henries Visits Friday, March 18

Post date: Mar 16, 2011 7:18:46 PM

Hawk Henries, a Native American musician and maker of handmade wooden flutes, was here for the day on March 18. He started the day with an all-school assembly, then met with individual classes for the rest of the day. Students got to hear his wonderful music and see his collection of flutes - some home made, and some collected from around the world. His collection includes a classical flute from the early 1800's and a couple of didgeridoos (very large and long) from Australia and even a flute that you play with your nose!

In addition to sharing his music and flutes, Hawk shared with students some of the values and traditions of Native peoples. Hawk also spoke about the history of relations between Native peoples and European settlers and about what it is like today to live in this country as a Native person. The students asked many questions and enjoyed getting to know Hawk and learn about his life.