Head Lice

Post date: Apr 7, 2011 1:07:54 PM

Unfortunately, we have had another outbreak of head lice. The following is information from our Student Handbook:

Lice are usually transmitted by contact with someone who has lice or by wearing infested clothing. Lice cannot jump or fly. Children should be discouraged from sharing hats, clothing or personal hair items. Classrooms are checked on a regular basis. If live lice or nits are found, parents are notified and the student is sent home.

Once a student has been treated and all nits are removed they are welcome to return to school. Upon arrival at school these children must stop at the nurse's office to be checked. If no live lice or nits are found they will proceed to class. If upon recheck either live lice or nits are found parents will be contacted and students will again be sent home. The student is free to return anytime during the school day once the family feels that the child is lice and nit free, and we will check them again. We will keep checking these students daily until they arrive for 10 consecutive days lice or nit free. You also need to know that we will continue to regularly check all other students in the effected classrooms in a concerted effort to eradicate this situation.

We are very appreciative of the effort that everyone is putting into addressing this issue. Families are working diligently, children are patient while they are being checked and classroom teachers are very understanding of the need for these

interruptions to their class schedule.