Health Issues Lead to Extended Teacher Absences

Post date: Dec 15, 2011 2:55:26 PM

Maybe you have noticed that Mrs. Dow, Mrs. Whitener and Ms. Irwin are not here. Unfortunately they are all dealing with challenging health issues. Mrs. Dow recently had rotator cuff surgery and expect she will be out until after the holiday break. Ms. Meehan has been substituting for her.

As most of you know Mrs. Whitener was under the weather and without voice at our concert. It turns out that she has a sinus and vocal cord infection and will be absent until at least Friday. The "Whiteners" haven't abandoned us as Mr. Whitener has been filling in for Jazz Band.

Ms. Irwin has recently been sporting a white cap. You may have wondered why. She is dealing with symptoms related to a history of concussions and the cap was a attempt to limit her exposure to artificial light. Ms. Wish, a recent COA graduate and aspiring Art teacher, is subbing for her the next week or so.

We wish them all a quick resolve to their medical issues and good health in the New Year!