How is School Success Measured?

Post date: Jan 5, 2012 1:42:42 PM

We don't know how much thought you have given to the fact that better attendance coincides with greater academic achievement. We have given a lot of thought and encourage families to make their best effort to have their children attend school every day if they are healthy. If you have a doctor / dentist appointment try to schedule them at the beginning or end of the day so your child does not miss the entire day. Plan your vacations so that they will occur during regularly scheduled long weekends or school vacations.

Here in Maine and across the country, school success is measured by three basic criteria: academic achievement, daily attendance and drop out rates. Last year the attendance target for schools was 94% or better. We finished the year at 95%. This year the target has been set at 95% average daily attendance. We are currently at 95.1%. We are concerned that by the end of the year we will not meet this target and worse yet, our students will not reach their full potential for academic achievement.

We point this out in an effort to increase your awareness of the importance of school attendance. School has changed since we were enrolled. It is not filled with textbooks and paperwork. The majority of our classes provide important opportunities for common experiences followed by class discussions and shared learning activities. These learning experiences cannot be adequately duplicated through textbook readings and pencil / paper tasks. We ask that you keep this in mind when making attendance decisions that will directly impact your child's potential for learning.