Idita-Read Update

Post date: Mar 15, 2012 1:31:53 PM

The Tremont Idita-Read teams are off and "reading". For Week 1: 87% of Tremont students turned in reading logs for a grand total of 21,727 minutes of reading. That's over 362 hours! Way to go teams!

As of March 12th these are the standings:

1st place: Turbo Dogs (purple)

2nd place: MDI Mushers (green)

3rd place: Crazy Canines (blue)

4th place: Rocking Readers (red)

On Thursday, March 15th we ill have the first visit from one of our mascots. Rissa will be coming to school to read with the top 6 readers on the Green Team. Those readers are:

Kohl Shaw - 490 minutes

Ethan Wyman - 485 minutes

Emma Watras - 460 minutes

Paige Murphy - 432 minutes

Adam Christianson - 353 minutes

Chase Girard - 330 minutes

All students who have submitted reading logs have been entered on the Idita-Read website. Students can go online to see where they are on the trail and which checkpoints they have passed. The steps to access this information are:

1. Go to the Idita-Read website

2. Click on the small brown square that says "Teams"

3. Click on the name of your team

4. Scroll down and click on your name

5. You can move the small map around to see the various checkpoints