Idita-Read Update

Post date: Mar 29, 2012 12:49:11 PM

The Tremont Idita-Read is now in full swing! Tremont students read more this week than in any other week. They read a grand total of 22,470 minutes. That over 375 hours of reading! Go Tremont students!

As of March 27th these are the standings:

1st place: Crazy Canines with 21,353 minutes (blue)

2nd place: Turbo Dogs with 20,811 minutes (purple)

3rd place: Rocking Readers with 18,862 minutes (red)

4th place: MDI Mushers with 17,627 minutes (green)

There will be no mascots coming to school this week, but Timber will be coming next Thursday, April 5th to read with the top 6 readers from the red team. They are:

Skylar Simpson - 630 minutes

Sophia Estabrooke-Picard - 555 minutes

Aidan Brasier - 458 minutes

Avery Parsons - 300 minutes

Maya Watras - 265 minutes

Kristian Wehrfritz - 260 minutes

16 students have reached Nome, Alaska and finished the race! They are Abby Kelley, Herbie Shaw, Alahna Mild, Devin Christianson, Jordan Seavey, Nolan Murphy, Emma Watras, Sean Murray, Sophia Estabrooke-Picard, Aidan Brasier, Ethan Wyman, Adam Christianson, Skylar Simpson, Alec Fisichella, Devin Sims and Paige Murphy. Congratulations!