Idita-Read Update

Post date: Apr 5, 2012 12:51:03 PM

Tremont students are still creeping higher in their minutes. This week they read a grand total of 28,477! Wow! Over the past month students have read over 84,000 minutes.

As of April 3rd these are the standings:

1st place: Turbo Dogs with 28,766 minutes (purple)

2nd place: Crazy Canines with 28,328 minutes (blue)

3rd place: Rocking Readers with 23,697 minutes (red)

4th place: MDI Mushers with 22,904 minutes (green)

Next Wednesday, April 11th, the purple mascot Cirra will be here to read with the following 6 readers from the purple team. They are:

Alec Fisichella - 1115 minutes

Claire Shaw - 870 minutes

Devon Sims - 487 minutes

Delanie Shepard - 462 minutes

Zachary Simpson - 330 minutes

Nicholas Jacobs - 272 minutes

Congratulations to the following students who crossed over the finish line this week: Austin Raymond, Jake Mitchell, Wyatt Lawson, Ava Lawson, Chase Girard, Logan Nason, Maya Watras, Zachary Simpson, Claire Shaw, Delanie Shepard and Evan White. This makes a total of 27 students who have successfully reached Nome!

Students have just a little over two more weeks to reach Nome. All minutes must be turned in my Monday, April 23rd. Some students are within minutes of finishing while others are many many miles away. Let's read read read!