School Attendance

Post date: Mar 29, 2012 12:59:07 PM

Maine expects a minimum of 94% student attendance school-wide. We have a school attendance problem here at our school. Our current attendance rate is below the state expectation. We simply must address the issue of attendance because it impacts a student's individual ability to be successful at school and affects the school's overall success.

Regular attendance at school is so important to a child's overall academic experience. Students who are regularly at school build habits that last a lifetime, whether the student is in Kindergarten or High School. These effective lifelong habits include follow-through, goal attainment and perseverance. Students who regularly attend school are better able to excel academically (they don't have to "play catch-up" when they return). We know from study after study that regular attendance at school is an important factor in student success. For those students nearing High School, missing more than a certain number of days will result in lost academic credit. It's important to change habits now while students are early in their academic careers.