School Attendance

Post date: May 29, 2012 1:10:44 PM

As has been shared here in the newsletter previously, all schools across the country are measured by specific criteria determined by the federal government. This criteria includes academic performance, drop out rate and average daily attendance. We are at risk as a school of not meeting the standard of having 94% or greater average daily student attendance. Should this happen we will be determined a school that is "Not Making Adequate Yearly Progress". This is not a distinction that any of us want for our school. The reason that attendance is part of this formula is because students who attend school regularly, missing only a couple of days each school year, have the greatest likelihood of academic and social success.

Please make an effort for your child to attend school daily. We certainly do not want students here who are experiencing flu symptoms and such, however, keep in mind that we do have a wonderful and welcoming full-time nurse and if your child has a minor concern it is quite possible that Nurse Jan can provide the needed support for them to have a successful day at school. Additionally, if it is necessary to schedule appointments during school hours please make every effort for them to attend a portion of the day.