School Messenger

Post date: Sep 19, 2014 5:28:51 PM

Our AOS purchased a service called SchoolMessenger. This program allows us to send notifications, messages, and secured documents as either an email, phone message or text message. The type of message we send will depend on two criteria 1) What information you provide to us (email address, cell phone number) and 2) What type of information we need to send to you (school/sports cancellations, emergencies, school information, etc.). Whenever possible we will choose to send messages through email and will reserve phone messages and text messages for times when school closes during the day, a sporting event is cancelled mid-way through the day, and other 'parents need to know right now' situations.

By law we need to inform you of your rights about receiving text messages since it may cost you money depending on your cell phone plan. You will be required to initiate this process by ‘opting in’. To ‘opt in’ so that you can receive text messages, you must use your cell phone number and follow these steps. From your cell phone number using your texting program type in the number 68453 in the 'to' box. In the message box type either ‘Y’ or ‘YES’ and click send. You should receive a message that you are now registered with SchoolMessenger. At any time you can stop receiving text notifications, by texting ‘STOP’ or ‘QUIT’ to 68453. MDIRSS and Tremont are not responsible for any charges related to text notifications - please check with your wireless service provider for details. If you do have any questions please contact our front office.