Storm Procedures

Post date: Jan 12, 2012 3:08:54 PM

In the event of a storm the decision to close an individual school will rest with the superintendent of schools. Since storm conditions vary in different sections of the island, it is possible for some schools to remain open while others close.

The greatest consideration will be the safety of the children. However, if the schools have decided to remain open and a parent believes that this is not in the best interest of his/her child, the parent may elect to have the child remain at home. We emphasize that the final decision to send children to school on storm days rests with the parents. School closings are announced on area radio stations.

Should a storm occur while school is in progress, the superintendent will make the decision as to dismissal time. To ensure that older sisters or brothers will be at home to care for younger children of working parents, the high school will usually dismiss first. Early dismissal will be announced on the radio. This usually results in a 12:30 dismissal for our school.