Summer Activities in Reading and Mathematics

Post date: Jun 9, 2011 2:04:56 PM

We have exciting details about summer programming that will be available to all Tremont K-7 students. As nice as the weather has turned in recent days there will be some of those lazy, hazy days ahead. We hope that you will encourage your children to use that time to keep up their reading and math skills. To support and promote summer reading and math we will be providing all students in grades K-2 with 10 books to take home and read (or have read to them if they are currently non-readers) over the summer. Students in grades 3-7 will be bringing home 5 books each. All students are being encouraged to read a minimum of 10 books/magazines this summer.

Students will be given record sheets. We are requesting that they record the titles of the first 10 books/magazines that they read over the summer. Next Fall they will bring their list to school and get raffle tickets for each book on their list (up to a total of 10). At our Fall Open House a variety of prizes will be awarded.

Additionally, we have purchased licenses for an online math program called IXL Math. This is a very engaging website that will provide your child hours of math exploration and review. Students are encouraged to access this math software program for a minimum of 20 hours over the summer.

We are aware that students may need to go to an area library to obtain additional reading material to reach their 10 book/magazine goal. We also suspect that not all students have the necessary technology at their home to access the IXL website. We have received encouragement and support from both the Bass Harbor Library and the Southwest Harbor Library in promoting independent summer reading and math. The librarians from each library will be meeting with students to share the summer programs that their libraries offer and to let them know that computers with Internet access are available at many public locations on the island.

On the last day of school students will select their books, will receive the reading record sheet and a letter with all the necessary information for parents to assist students in accessing the math website.

Research indicates that students who read 10 or more books over the summer are more likely to maintain their end of year achievement level. We all know that what we don't use, we lose. Please support our innovative efforts and encourage your child to read and calculate over the summer!