The "Idita-Read" Comes to Tremont School

Post date: Mar 7, 2012 3:41:58 PM

The Downeast Dog Scouts are sponsoring the students at Tremont School in the Idita-Read program this year. Mirroring Alaska's biggest annual sled dog race, Idita-Readers rely on reading minutes to travel the distance along Iditarod Trail from Anchorage to Nome. Participants can read anything they desire and many classes are encouraging parents to read aloud to their children. One minute of reading equals one mile on the Iditarod Trail. Students will have 55 days to complete their journal, beginning March 3rd and ending on April 20th.

The Idita-Read total reading goal is 1,112 mintues per student. This averages out to about 20 minutes a day. All students and staff at the school have also been divided into 4 color teams (the troop dogs will be serving as mascots for the teams). This means that students are not only reading to reach their personal goal, but also to raise their team total. Each student has been entered on the log page of the Idita-Read website. They can track their progress against actual race participants and each other.

In early May there will be a final assembly where all students reaching the 1,112 minutes will be ushered across the finish line by head musher Mr. Liebow. The Dog Scouts will also be presenting certificates and books to students. Last Friday, March 2nd there was a kick-off assembly to get students started. Several of the mascots were there to support their teams. Check it out below!