Visiting Authors Tuesday, May 13th

Post date: Apr 18, 2014 4:22:04 PM

On Tuesday, May 13th we will have our visiting authors in the library for the day. This year we have a husband and wife author/illustrator team from New York. Mary Jane Auch started out writing middle grade novels, having nine of them published before branching out into writing and illustrating picture books. Herm Auch spent forty years as a graphic artist, editorial cartoonist and digital artist in the newspaper business. Now Herm and Mary Jane co-illustrate their picture books, combining Mary Jane’s paintings or sculptures with Herm’s digital magic. Attached you will find a list of their books that Mrs. Dow will be happy to order for you so your child can get an autograph on that day. The books on the list are also available for preview in the library if you are interested in seeing what is available. The order will be placed on May 1st so please have your money and order to Mrs. Dow before then.

Picture Books

  • Chickerella $8.50
  • Beauty and the Beaks $17.50
  • The Easter Egg Farm $8.50
  • Poultrygeist $7.50
  • The Plot Chickens $8.50
  • The Princess and the Pizza $8.50
  • The Nutquacker $17.50
  • Souperchicken $17.50

Grades 2-5

  • One Handed Catch $8.00
  • A Dog on his Own $16.50
  • Journey to Nowhere $5.50

Middle School

  • Wing Nut $7.50